Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mutual Not-Curiosity Society

"The Unexpected: A young woman peers curiously at a Ku Klux Klansman in red robes, who attended a City Council hearing on open housing in Durham, N.C.  Klansman Lloyd Jacobs left the hearing shortly after it got under way."


  1. i like your last post a lot. nice way to incorporate mewling.
    do you think lars von triers' films are comparable (pessimism aside) to todd solondz's?
    i don't think the solondz's films i've seen are even remotely as pretentious as DOGVILLE...
    have you watched LIFE DURING WARTIME? very optimistic. terrific ending.
    if you haven't already, watch hal hartley's trust.
    adrienne shelly (director of WAITRESS) stars in it. physically, she reminds me of sissy spacek. spacek isn't jewish though...also, she's from texas.
    what does this mean?
    also, please don't leak this to the huffington post, but i've heard/read that david miliband is going to become E.U. CHANCELLOR OF BANANA QUALITY ASSURANCE...does this count as leaving frontline politics?

  2. Adrienne Shelly is much missed... The Unbelievable Truth is one of my all-time favorites. I have to confess I don't know if Solondz really is like von Trier or not, because I have not seen any of his movies. They both just have this gigantic rep for being soul-sucking black holes of depression. One of my friends who is a big Solondz fan adores Dogville, though...

    Banana Man Miliband is yesterday's news. I'm rooting for Prime Minister Balls.